Collection Tins

In supporting any cause there is a common saying that, “Every Cent Counts.”  It is scientifically proven that “Giving” produces the “feel good” emotions in the human body.  Even if it is a few cents, you get the same euphoria and this is the opportunity we would like to provide to many people. 

You may well know a shop owner or a retail location where we could have our collection tins.  It would take two minutes to chat to them and get the green light and another two to complete the form below.  You may have just opened the channel to raise R2-3,000 a year for us!!!  Now imagine how cool that would feel, and how great you would feel watching people in the que deposit some valuable change in YOUR tin on your next visit?

Here is your challenge…  Apply your mind, select a target and spend 5 minutes changing the world for our patients?

Complete the form here!
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