Corporate Partners

Yes, gone are the days we discuss corporate donors as, “Sponsors.”  We are in a powerful position to assist your business in terms of the various laws and acts of South Africa!  As your Social Economic Development partner, we offer a Level 1 BBBEE (best you get) certificate to assist in maximizing your BEE spend.

We also are a Public Benefit Organization, and able to issue you with an 18A certificate for donations.  As opposed to earning you money, the Government allows us to reduce your tax burden.  In our books, “Saving money is the same as making it”, so call us to discuss!

We can also assist with your Enterprise Development scorecard, and can add value with spend and credit with your Skills Training.  There have been many changes in the BBBEE area, and we are confident we can assist you in getting the best, “Bang for your Buck” as you provide for your staff’s needs in times to come!

Call John’o (031) 208 6110, or email to open up discussions on how we can help you!  We know you can help us!