Book of Remembrance

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Valerie O’Hogan “Globe 1  – In remembrance of all my  late beloved pets, so many of you.  I love each and every one of you to the end of the Universe and back.  You each have your own special place in my heart forever.  Love your mama.
Valerie O’Hogan Globe 2 –  In remembrance of all my late  family and friends, and especially Elizabeth Klarer and Patricia and Michael O’Hogan.  Love your  daughter, sister and best friend.”
Sharon ThomsonDavid Thomson in loving memory of a wonderful husband and dad
Sharon ThomsonArthur Alexander in loving memory of a wonderfull husband, father and gramps
Sharon ThomsonShelagh Thomson in loving memory of our darling Muff
Mr & Mrs R.V.DelomoneyCarlo Delomoney  
Mr & Mrs S DelomoneyCarlo Delomoney  
Mr & Mrs Y SewnarainCarlo Delomoney  
Mr & Mrs R moodleyGindappa Delomoney 
Woodrajh Aroun Benimadho Aroun 
  Phyllis Aroun 
  Anita Aroun 
 Nirmala Otto 
Morag Bennett (nee Turnbull)Kay Hastie 
 Ferrie Turnbull 
 Jocelynne Cairns (nee Turnbull) 
 Christine Greener (nee Turnbull) 
Aileen MarcelinoMaria De Jesus Goncalves DanielIn loving memory of Maria De Jesus Goncalves Daniel
P & S Devnarain Mr & Mrs R DevnainIn memory of my parents
Jayalutchmee Maude Ramsaroop  
Melissa MoodleyMr PM GovenderIn memory of loved ones who passed away
 Mrs R Govender  
 Krish Govender  
 Sivy Nair  
 Doods Padayachee  
Sharnel & SironeTye Luke Thomas Our Baby Angel, Till We meet Again 
 Tyrone James Harvey Our New Angel Dad, Till We Meet Again 
 Annah Mototo A Brand New Angel Friend, Till We Meet Again 
Navie ChinnasamyQueenie and EddyTo our beloved Queenie and Eddie we miss you and you’ll always be in our thoughts. Love Dixon Navie and the Boys
James Perkins    Clifford Perkins            
     Dorothee Perkins         
     Alec Milne        
       Desiree Milne   
       Georgina Perkins         
       Muriel Stewart  
      John Stewart    
     Chris Murison   
     Marj Bass         
     Patti Holmes    
Melissa MoodleyMr PM GovenderIn memory of loved ones who passed on
 Mrs R Govender  
 Krish Govender  
 Sivy Nair  
 Doods Padayachee  
Marge WalkerBill WalkerFor mr husband Bill Walker & even more sadly our daughter Lana Rhodes
 Lana Rhodes 
Nicky LeeDouglas Lee 
 Michele Lee 
 Betty Gouly De Chaville 
 Bill Gouly De Chaville 
 Bernard Lee 
 Hilda Lee 
 Rodney Lee  
 Da Furbabies 
Jay Moodley Vicky Moodley 
 Julian Moodley 
Raveena Naidu Mr Ramesh SinghDear Mr Ramesh Singh, our Dad and Nana; miss you more than you will ever know. 
  You are forever in our hearts. With all our love, Aradhana, Deven, Maya and Raveena.
Kathleen GkadwinJoen KoenIn memory of John Koen gone but never forgotten will always be in my heart. You were my angel and always will be forever till we meet again. Love Cassie
Vanessa ArmstrongMargie HulettMargie Hulett
Brett Hulett
Always loved, never forgotten
Vanessa ArmstrongBrett HulettMargie Hulett
Brett Hulett
Always loved, never forgotten
Sandra JohnsStephen JohnsIn loving memory of Stephen Johns. Loved & missed forever
Joanne MarxGrannyMy dearest Granny, this will be our first Christmas without you and it will definitely be a difficult one. I know we are all going to miss you at the lunch table.
There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you or miss you. You made a huge impact in my life and I will always cherish the special memories we made. I know you are watching over us and I will always keep you close to my heart.I love you and will miss you always ❤ xx Jo
Luke Shannon  
Glenda Kilian Tom & Dot Kilian
Reg & Joan Style
Chester Style
Carolyn Orchard
Jeanine Adams
Barbara Puttick 1. Puttick – Trevor and Audrey and David : In loving memory of our beloved parents and brother, who we miss so very much

2. Puttick – Dave : In loving memory of Dave. Much loved husband of Irene and father of Kyle, Cassidy and Natasha. We miss you so much!

3. Sadler – Tony, Mari and Talbot : In loving memory of our dearest parents and brother, greatly missed

4. Woodings – Margaret and John : In loving memory of our dearest parents and grandparents. Always in our thoughts. Much love Kay, Mike and family

5. Puttick – Christiaan : In loving memory of our son and brother taken too soon. Always remembered.

6. Pickles – Tony : Miss you, always in our thoughts

7. Vroom – Gerrit und Traudel : In liebevolle Erinnerung an unsere Eltern. Sie sind sehr vermisst.

8. Buckle – Avis, Billy and Lawrence : In loving memory of a special aunt, uncle and cousin

9. McFadyen : Remembering all my special angels, Jenny.

Roshani Naidoo  
Paige MacfarlandCynthia McFarlandOur dear mom Cynthia McFarland
Paige MacfarlandTrevor HaslamOur dear Husband, Dad and Grandpa Trevor Haslam – you are missed more than you will ever know Xx
Sarah Grondein On globe number one write: In Loving Memory Of Nanna
On globe number two write: In Loving Memory Of Dadda

These are for my grandparents I lost 4 and 8 years ago
Nureshka Narisamulu  
Debrah Mina tribute to my husband, parents and parents in law
Candice Fountain Globe 1 – For Our Beautiful Mom Laura Patricia Graham. Not a day goes by where you are not loved and missed. Our Christmas tradition shall continue with your Christmas lights shining bright for all to see.
Globe 2 – For our Gan Gan, we love and miss you so much! Love Emma, Peyton & Katherine
Globe 3 – For our Granny Lau, we love and miss you so much! Love Jack, Olivia @ Madison
Johnny Venter Beloved wife and mother, Jackie Venter. Loved and missed always. Xxx
Dawn Bowley  
Reshmika Dookhi In memory of Rajesh Dookhi.
We love and miss you.
Reshmika Dookhi In loving memory of Rajesh Dookhi.
We miss you Dad.
Paula Albert Remembering our beautiful Nana – Beatrice Duncan
With love from Nik, Paula, Dylan and Jess
Jack & Susan SchonefeldHumphreyHumphrey 
 Betty Bradshaw 
 Helen Bradshaw 
Mr J ChettyMr & Mrs A R Chetty 
 Mr & Mrs V R Chetty 
 Mr Toff Chetty 
 Mr & Mrs Bull Francis Soojan 
Ingrid D’EatheIsabel D’Eathe 
 Stephen D’eathe 
 Joy D’Eathe 
 Wendy D’Eathe 
 Biddy van Deventer 
 Bill van Deventer 
 Rob van Deventer 
 Bridget Richmond 
 Carol Mayall 
 Rose Glenn 
Navi Dixon To our beloved Queenie and Eddie we miss you and you’ll always be in our thoughts. Love you both from Dixon Navie and the Boys
Jill ManningBrendan ManningMy son
 Paddy SquiresMy Mom
Patricia BowtonRobinOur dear Robin, you will never know how much you are missed & the void you left in our lives.  We miss you.
Shirley Mellon In Memory of Otto.
A E StoweE W StoweIn loving memory of our Father E W Stowe 6/4/1992 & to our Mother B M Stowe 1/11/2003
 B M Stowefrom Stowe, Claesson Family & van Staden
G Richardson-SmithKenny George Richardson-Smith 
Lisa WebbGeoff ParkesDad you are missed every day.  Love you Dad, your Sue
Lisa WebbGary WebbOur Dad & Grandpa, we love & miss you every day.  You are always in our thoughts.  We know you are near.  Love Nicola, Lisa, Dylan & Craig
M GopalSheila Gopal 
 Macei Gopal 
Sheila GokoolSuminthra Gokul 
 Bundhoo Gokul 
 Kishore Dwarika 
Mr R SewpalMrs K Sewpal 
Theo BholaDevnand Bhola 
 Ramelei Kambaran 
Janine & Yvonne Tweedie  
F & R CallananWT & EM Callanan 
 HW & HM Gafney 
 M I Long 
 ME Leech 
 MJ Singer 
 G Callanan 
Bruce EdwardErica 
Cynthia Pillay  
Barry MooresLynn Moores 
 David Moores 
 Julian Phillips 
Pravesh Rugpath Babs Shrigopaul 
Mrs. HamiltonRobert Hamilton in loving memory of my late husband Robert Hamilton and in latter years my life partner Gerry Velthuis.
 Gerry Velthuis 
Vinodh HansewrajNashila maharaj 
Caroline GloverLeonard Impson 
 Bruce Fryer 
Dawn ImpsonLeonard Impson 
Ethel BurnsPeter Burns 
 Ethel & Harry Thwaites 
 Edie & Owen Burns 
Mr K Mothilal In memory of all my family and friends who are no longer with us
Henry & Lyn Nicholl  
Nirvana Jagessur  
Zelda Schwalbach  
Indranie Neermal In memory of Neermal Kandhai(Dad), Sukrani Kandhai(grandmother),Sewpersad Kandhai(grandfather), Sonia Rampersad(grandmother), Rampersad(grandfather)
Vashnie Chetty In memory of Mr Chetty, Nessan, baby, Mr Thaver, Ammo, Aunsha
Colin Weight  
Jessica Taylor Phil Smythe- the light that was your life can not be extinguished. You live on in the hearts and memories of all that knew you. Lovingly remembered every day by your family and your precious girls.
Gillian Davidson Think of you often, Studie
Miss you Mum.
Loving thoughts Daddy.
Colin Hegter A small thank you to the good work done by Highway Hospice.
James Reeve  
Brad Hean  
Nicola Nel  
Sergio Bonnelle Jerome “Dad” Bonnelle.
Our guardian angel. You will always be a Legend.
Vanessa Williams  
Jason Bourne  
Meena Dhanjee Merry Christmas and Blessings to all.
Harsha Moti Darshana
Mrs Pillay
We love and miss you all❤
Steve Cawdron  
Carol Carter  
Aloma Maherry  
Cindy Dickinson  
Stewart Kinsman Please could you allocate as follows:
In loving memory of those who have left us:
Hylton Kinsman (x 3 Globes);
Claude & Muriel Kinsman(x 2 Globes);
Peter Taylor (x 3 Globes);
Graeme Taylor;
Lila Dias (x 3 Globes);
Kimmy Kinsman (x 2 Globes);
Josie Kinsman (x 2 Globes);
Bill & Gertie Taylor;
Bev Barker;
Winnie Knoop;
Ronnie Frey (x 2 Globes);
Eileen Frey (x 2 Globes);
Roy Jaques (x 2 Globes);
Kathy Berry;
Dawn Yates;
Wendy Ham;
Laurentino da Costa Leite;
Dolores da Silva Leite (x 2 Globes);
Joao Dias;
Rosa Perreira;
Herman van der Merwe

Evelyn Shaikh  
Cynthia Pillay  
Hajra OsmanZubeda AmodMy beautiful Mum, we really miss you Mum, can’t believe you are gone but I know you are without pain.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you.  You are forever in our hearts and mind.  I love you Mum.
  without pain
Pam LustedMumThinking of you daily Mum, gone but not forgotten.
Elizabeth Kirk-Fuller Members of the Kirk/Fuller/Castellani/Ascanelli families
Bernard FaulMartin David Schlebusch 
Melody de la RayFrank Hellestoe 
 Roberta Hellestoe 
 Maureen Field 
 Marceline Hills 
Colin WrightJanine Griffiths 
H GiffordD W N Attlee 
 A A J E Gifford 
 J Jackson 
Ron MaharajNashila Maharaj 
F CoppinTonetti Family 
 Coppin Family 
Bruce WhillierRoy Whillier 
Anne DaveyDavid Hickey 
 Jean Davey 
 Norris Davey 
 Sue Murray 
 Mary Meyer 
 Debby Meyer 
 Bev van Nijkerk 
Stephen CampbellDad, Tina & Don 
Syd Oram  
Ted and Cally Maddams  
Robyn Thekiso (nee Bollay)Flo BollayIn loving memory of Flo Bollay
Barbara Florence To the precious people who lit up my life, most especially my pecious Mom & Dad, forever missed & forever loved.
Carter Foundation TrustSH Carter 
 AJ Carter 
 FJ Meyer 
 JH Carter 
 Ms Meyer 
Bruce and Wendy ParkGerald Thatcher 
 Joyce Campbell 
 Karl Erasmus 
 Hugh Campbell 
 Clifford Thatcher 
 Robert Park 
 Marge Park 
  Bruce Park 
 Scott Park 
 Rosemary Havelaar 
 David Saby 
Sharon SaltCherry Ann Illing 
 Glenneth Lilian Teeling 
 Margaret Knight 
Mike & Anne de Goede In memory of Jin & Annr Moncur, Henry & Honor de Goede & Jeffrey Moncur
David Hotchkiss In loving memory of Ann Rosina Hotchkiss
Mike & Ann Caine & family In loving memory of our parents Mike & Betty Quinn, Jack & Sheila Caine, our sister Bridget & all our departed dogs.
Pieter VermeerThe Vermeer & Reibsten Family