Morphine Coffee Project


Your R50 donation to this project has the power to provide 6 DAYS of pain management through the provision of Morphine to an average patient in need.  R50 is the average cost of 2 cappuccino’s in a coffee shop, so our ask is to donate a coffee date to our patients.  You have the opportunity to leverage your R50 to remove pain for 6 days, will you provide the relief?




We have a source for Morphine at wholesale prices.  Specially designed and assisted to provide as much pain control as possible for our poorest of patients.  This morphine is dispensed at our cost (donated by you) through our professional nurses to the patients that need it the most.

We are one of the few Hospice’s in South Africa that have our own dispensary, again reducing the cost of this vital pain management.  You have the assurance that your donation has the full impact, that your R50 will produce 6 days of pain management for an average patient.  When last were you in so much pain that you could not think properly?  When last did you have a cappuccino?  Yes, we have a lot to be grateful for…