Mourning is human

We launch into 5 days of mourning as a nation. Our flags are dropped to half mast as we pay tribute to loss. Loss of dignity, respect and honour of our women and children in the environment of gender based violence. Loss of freedom, health and life derived from Covid19. Loss of loved ones from this world too early.

Mourning is a feeling and period of sadness after a loss. And so we at The Highway Hospice are acutely aware of this emotion, bereavement and grief. It is a normal, natural and totally human experience. One that decreases in intensity over time, yet one never forgets the feeling.

We all face life after such losses, and we all need to continue our journey in this world. It is up to us all to turn such losses into our own strength. To honour lessons learned, and to pay tribute to the lives already passed. As we mourn for the next 5 days with the nation, we also offer you the chance to get your globe, and shine your light in memory of a loved one.

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