Covid19 Support

Since the inception of Covid19 safety measures in South Africa, we have managed to service our 614 current patients.  The 33 members of our Home Care team have never stopped.  The fleet of cars still go out.  Our special team; supplied with the required medical equipment, drugs and disability equipment still care for our patients.  Food parcels, hygiene products, PPE’s and consumable distribution is also managed by the team logistically as the need grows.

Each Hospice made their own decisions, and we closed the In Patient unit as an infection control strategy in April.  Some other larger Hospices have been affected by Covid19, and were forced to close all operations for a period.  We have since made the tough decision to keep the unit closed until we are sure of operational and financial security.  This has unfortunately resulted in retrenchments of affected staff.  With your support, we will continue to care for all of our patients and revive our famous Unit as soon as possible.  We owe it to the community to provide them with the care they deserve in their last days.

As we are completely reliant on donor funding, we have a duty to ensure the funds reach our beneficiaries efficiently and effectively.  Because of the high levels of 24/7/365 care in the Unit, it demands a monthly investment of over R500,000.  So although the Unit is famous in eThekwini for our service, we are only able to care for a few patients through a large resource cost.  You can see from the figures on the right that the closure of the Unit has not affected the impact we have in the community.

Our work continues, and always will.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has deemed Hospice and Palliative care  a human right.  We are committed to ensuring that our community is served in the last stages of life.  Comfort and dignity are crucial for our beneficiaries.  However, we need to survive this unusual period to do this effectively in the future.

Cash flow is our greatest challenge.  We share this challenge with most South Africans, yet we need your support.  Your contribution (no matter how small) will help us plan and mobilise our resources to care for the most vulnerable in our society.  It is you who drives our team and makes it all happen.

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