Keep the “main thing” the Main Thing!

The Highway Hospice is not new to dealing with uncertainty, fear and worry.  We understand that when, “things get real” people struggle to navigate between emotional responses, reality and faith.  Human beings are built to care, it is natural to us, and is the defining cornerstone of civilization.  These emotions, when sparked, are very often not something we are used to and it is usually perceived as fear.

Remember, most of the things you feel in uncertain times are there because you care.  If you are not used to the circumstance, or the feelings produced you can always track it back to love.  This is “the main thing” and it is something we need to maintain as the main thing!  Panic buying is “responsible people” moved to care for loved ones without understanding the impact on others.  If we take this as an example, we know everyone will be planning to care for his or her loved ones.  If we all do it with love and kindness, there is no adjustment in the demand curve and more than enough for us to all share.

Hopefully panic buying will be over now, so it was a great example before we hit the lock down.  Now we need to care for our loved ones and the vulnerable by adhering to the guidelines and rules of the Government.  This article is not about tools, tips and tricks to avoid contamination or passing on disease.  You would have received so many by now, and we hope you use the sensible advice!

As we do, we wanted to spread a message of faith, hope and love in uncertain times.  Faith in the fact that, “this too shall end.”  Hope that the impact emotionally, economically and socially is at an eventual minimum.  Moreover, the big one… Love in all the realms in which one can love.  The unconditional love for family and friends close to you, love for your extended circle and love for “thy neighbour.”

We are on initial stages of a growth curve.  Imagine for a few minutes that this curve is not one of infections, but one of emotions.  One of care.  We will all be shocked at what is to come, it is certainly the biggest period of uncertainty, fear and worry we could imagine.  Our plea is that we remember at all times, that what we feel is always because we care; because we are human.  Please do not play these feelings out in negative, harmful and destructive ways.  We get to choose how we channel this care; we get to be kind and to choose love no matter what happens!

Like any death in a family, the situation is a reality that cannot change.  Some people would do anything to cheat death, but it is inevitable.  After any birth, death will follow.  What we get to choose is the thing in between; the beautiful opportunity that human’s call “life.”  Enjoy the situation, soak up the time with loved ones and make the most of your lock down.  An attitude of care, an abundance of love and a grateful heart is the key to that “middle bit” we call life.  Remember, all emotions exist because we care, so let us make caring the main thing, and keep the main thing… the main thing!

Our team is still out there caring for those in need, the home care team is meeting twice in a week to top-up scripts and medications.  We are obviously concerned about their health and ability to serve our patients.  To this end, we closed the unit to protect the 3 shifts of nurses, carers, housekeeping and maintenance teams.  They may well be needed in the community and we need to keep the main thing the main thing…  

“Three things will last forever: faith, hope, and love.  And the greatest of these is love.” ~ 1 Corinthians 13:13