Learning from a Legend

Many legends will never be able to be duplicated, just like Nelson Mandela and even the recently lost Johnny Clegg.  They were people who existed in a very special time in history.  People who made a difference in the hearts of people through a very challenging social time.  Johnny inspired our hearts and developed a curiosity in the Zulu culture.  He exhibited the beauty of South Africa, exposed the nuances of a unique and amazing culture of a country.  Mandela did the same without art, but with deliberate and thoughtful words.  He moved our hearts to forgiveness, gave us hope and painted a future of the rainbow nation that we could all colour in as we saw fit.

One of the legacies of this great man was left to us in the celebration of his birthday annually.  Incredibly it has become an international celebration, and the world stops to think and to honour the man on what has become, “Mandela Day.”  Tradition now dictates that each of us allocate 67 minutes in making the world a better place.  That is one minute for every year that he served with the same aim of betterment for humanity.  As he had a soft spot for the less privileged we mostly aim our activities in serving these people, and this makes Non-Profit organizations very excited as we host these world changers.

Let us all remember, although we get to do this good work on this famous day there is a constant need.  There are so many people out there that need the help of us, who are privileged to have more than we need.  There are so many who are denied human rights because of their circumstances, those who need comfort and dignity.  The well known quote says, “Make every day Mandela Day” and we ask that you don’t just pay lip service to this.  We ask that you commit to do something special, something small and something meaningful as often as you can.  We assure you that this is not only the way to receiving your own blessing, but also by paying forward; you assure kindness and love returning at a time when you will need it.

“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.” ~ Nelson Mandela

Here are some images from the visitors we had this year.  Thanks so much for putting your hands up!!!