Sensitive Valentine’s Day

Yes, the hype is in full swing and those with lovers are all excited in anticipation of what will be tomorrow.  Tomorrow we celebrate love, but are also mindful of those who have suffered loss, grief and bereavement in the last while.  We understand that the day may be tough for you, and the excitement to you enhances your emotions of loss.

Like all things in life, we need to move into tomorrow with the right attitude, and to make the most of the day.  Your attitude, your behavior and your perception is your choice.  Let’s choose love?  Here are a few ways you can create a great Valentines day even if you are without a Valentine this year:

Self Love:  Why not spoil yourself with a big chockie, some flowers, a great hot chocolate or whatever blows your hair back.  Remember, you are the closest person to you and you deserve the most love from you.  Those missing loved you for who you were, so honor that by building on your own love.

Love everybody:  Celebrate the love of the human race, spread the love to all and many on Valentines Day.  Donate to a charity, find opportunity for random acts of kindness and when thanked…  bellow, “Happy Valentines Day!”  Volunteer, or just visit somewhere you feel may have a person in need, whisper, “Happy Valentines day.”

Love what you love:  If you love to exercise, spend the time in a great workout; if you love animals then spend a day with them.  Love kids, go find some at an orphanage and spend time with them.  Do it differently, do it with style but soak up the love you have for different loves…

Cherish friendships:  Sure friends are not there for romantic love, but there is a different love that can be celebrated.  Time with friends is always a good thing, there may be some in a similar place to you?  Maybe not a loss through a death, but those going through a divorce or a rocky road in a relationship will have similar emotions.  Have a great time together, obviously keep it appropriate 😉

Go out and play:  Love to play the piano, play it with gusto!  Whip out the board games, go to the golf course, the fun fair or the bowling alley.  Hit the night club and dance the night away or jump on the city bus and go for a little tour of your city.  There are the most amazing people out there, and many places you are yet to visit (or haven’t for a while) so go out and have some fun?

Remember, the day will pass and even if you had been given something special the sparkle would soon dissipate.  Those who are reading this and getting the love tomorrow, spare a thought for those without.  Please be sensitive about throwing your fortune around on social media and spare a thought.  Valentines day was always about a personal gesture and was covered in mystique and wonder.  It is between a couple, and not for the world to see in the attempt to attract attention and fame.

So, whatever you situation, go out there and enjoy not only tomorrow but every day.  These deep relationships are what life is all about, so happy ones or sad, don’t be afraid to put your heart on your sleeve.  Do all you can, live it large and remember as we say here at Hospice, “Every Day Matters!”