Oh the stories I have heard

So we speak of being a fly on the wall, being privy to those conversations that happened and are gone forever.  Think of the stories, discussions and conversations that have happened.  The deep meaningful ones, the funny ones, the life changing ones and those of lovers.  In most cases there would have been a jug, vase or a tea pot around with silent ears.

They are just ceramic, china or glass but they were generally gifts or bought for special events or visits.  Our jugs, vases and tea pots have their own history with us.  Think of the things they would have seen (if they could), or the things they would have heard.  Our lives go on in so many ways as a film, it is a mess of moments all merged into hours then days, weeks, months, years and a lifetime.

We at Hospice love those moments, we cherish those conversations and ponderous moments and times with friends and family.  Think of that old tea pot that saw your kids grow up, that you now share tea with your grandchildren with.  The old water jug that has lasted for years in the fridge that your visitors remember from your first flat.  Yes there is history!

This is however not the case for many pots, jugs, vases and pots.  Some have no real meaning to you in your life, some have just gathered dust in the cupboard.  Locked away from the quick meetings for coffee, without life giving water for flowers… just getting old.

Here is our challenge!  Firstly, find those that are important to you and take a moment to reflect on what they would have seen and heard.  Think of your life, and how these pieces were around for the good and the bad, the joy and the hardship.  Then, gather the rest and donate them to The Highway Hospice for our Fete on the 25th November 2017.  Finally, with the good vibes of your recent reflection and your generosity go and find a piece to add to your collection.  Find something special and give it meaning from today as it watches the rest of your life proudly from the coffee table.