Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements – 2017

We held our AGM on the 27th June and the presented audited financial statements were accepted at the meeting.  Professor YK Seedat chaired his last meeting and has sadly retired from the board after many years of steering our ship.  We look forward to the future with a renewed board structure and continue our hard work in our quest to improve the quality of the life of our patients.

In the interest of reducing costs, we did not have the Annual Report printed.  We believe that the cost saving of not having glossy pages should be passed onto our patients for their benefit.  In a modern worl

d where these reports become almost a single use document, we believe it best to distribute digitally.  The files are rather large and so we have put them here for easy download which you are welcome to print should you prefer a hard copy.  Please click on the images to download and absorb the year behind us.