World Cancer Day

No doubt about it, CANCER SUCKS!!!  Many people have suffered, most have been affected, some are victors, and some have lost a battle with Cancer.  However this disease has touched your life, it is not pleasant.  Our patients have in the main been beaten by Cancer, and when one would expect there to be no hope, there is a lot.  Not hope for recovery, but hope to find comfort and peace as a human being preparing to leave this world.

We forget about cancer, and focus on the person and their loved ones affected by it.  Patients are cared for physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually as an entire human.  As natural as it is to die, it is still a time of distress as people have not gone through this alone.  Our amazing team have walked many families through this process, and through our famous care we help to make life as beautiful as we can through your journey.

So this year, we send love and light to all of you, as you all know someone who has been affected by the touch of this dark disease.  We urge everyone to play their part in living healthy lives.  This may (for now) be the only way you can avoid many of the cancers out there.  Love life, soak it up, make memories, love people, be kind and forget about unimportant things.  This is no dress rehearsal, you have one day at a time, so make sure #everydaymatters