Women’s Day 2019

Women’s Day will be celebrated on the 9th August, but we celebrate for the entire month.  That is how we honour these special people in our world, and pay tribute to womanhood.  Women are wired with a natural care, kindness, compassion and tenderness.  In a number of ways influencing the “gentle” that is found in each of us.  Yet the fire, passion and wrath of a woman can be found, just as apparently if these same values are compromised.  We celebrate the coming together of women back in 1956 to correct injustice, and admire the daily influence they make every day in all our lives.

Women of all ages, races and economic status joined together in 1956 to revolt against the injustices aimed at women.  Through their passionate, yet gentle protesting they started the journey we celebrate this month.  One of change, one of equality and one of empowerment.  We take the opportunity to rejoice in everything “woman” and appreciate beauty, care, love and empathy.  We also celebrate the roles women play as mothers, and matriarch role models to society and each of us individually.

To all the women out there… Happy Women’s Day!