Wish List


We have continued need to grow our capacity and to improve our effectiveness and efficiency when providing our service to the community.  Please look through the list and remember, we are more than happy with any donation.  Even if not on this list, we are able to sell goods through our Charity Shops to assist in our fundraising…


These sections are not in order of importance (for full description please view on big screen):


Maintenance, Equipment & Materials

50sqm Carpet tiles  @ Sherwood Home industries and shop flooring R 5,000 Sherwood Shop
8sqm Floor tiles Kitchen is in need of covering a small area with floor tiles R 1,720 Kitchen
Awning repair – Pinetown Shop The awnings at the Pinetown shop are in need of maintenance and repair.  Some metal work and shade cloth replacement are needed. R 16,000 Ptn Shop
Jojo Tanks (5000l X 5) We are in the process of getting our laundry off the water grid.  We will also be able to secure regular water for the bathing of patients as well as for the toilets and bedpan washer.  Help to not only save us money, but to care for the parients R 5,000 Sherwood Unit & Laundry
Water system pump Linked to the above project, we need a pump to drive the water to where it is needed R3,600 Sherwood




Electronic  Equipment, Furniture & Appliances:

Motivation Cost +/- Department
1 x Half Ton Bakkie The little Bantum Bakkie we use daily to collect donations from the tins around Durban is getting very old now.  We also use this bakkie for collections, deposits and postage deliveries. R130,000 Fundraising
1 x Bed pan washer Our Bed Pan Washer is a trusted old machine in daily use.  It is becoming unreliable. R 51,300 In Patient Unit
1 x Vacuum Cleaner We have one temperamental machine left to clean the entire campus at Sherwood.  We go through almost every vacuum donated to us as they are not industrial quality.  Please assist us with a machine that will last some years? R3,000 House keeping
1 x Food processor The ladies are still grating cheese manually, mixing muffin mixes by hand and blending smoothies is no longer possible.  Please take the load off with a food processor R3,200 Kitchen
10 x GPS  @ R1,200 This is a special need for our Home Care nurses.  Personal safety and timeous arrivals for those in need.  Maps and cell phones are not cutting it!! R 12,000 Homecare
1 x Air-conditioner Keeping people cool and calm in the Psychosocial sessions.  Doors are obviously closed in these sessions so we need some comfort. R 3,800 Psychosocial
4 x desk screens R2,750 Our Telesales team get quite animated on the phones and we need some screening to reduce the impact of team members confusing each other. R 11,000 Fundraising
1 x 4 in one Fax/Printer/Scanner/copier No real need for quality printer, but we do need the other features to copy applications and fax documents to 2000 Club members R 3,050 Fundraising
1 x High Volume Copier Our Homecare department have a very old and unreliable copier.  They make copies of all files to be stored as records.  Please assist to ensure they don’t have to walk down stairs anymore? R9,000 Homecare
1 x Membership International Fundraising We would like to join an NPO platform to assist us in finding and approaching international donors.  The annual cost is prohibitive for us and we would love a donor to help open these doors!! R3,300 Fundraising



Special Goods

Motivation Cost +/- Department
2 Female Mannequins We often receive some designer couture as donations in our Pinetown Shop.  These can’t be appreciated without their display on a mannequin and some value is lost. R 9,300 Ptn Shop
Trolley on wheels X4 @R1200 Every day we move goods from storage to the main shop for sale.  The control and movement of stock is important to our sales. R 4,800 Ptn Shop
40 Metal tables @R600 We need to replace damaged tables which we use for our fetes and other fundraising activities. R 24,000 Fundraising



Cutlery / Crockery

Motivation Cost +/- Department
Cutlery Sets We need full sets of knives, forks, desert spoons & tea spoons for our kitchen.  We have a variety of cutlery from various donations in various qualities and always seem to run out! From R500 Kitchen
Crockery Sets Again, a full set comprises of dinner plates, side plates and dessert bowls.  Any chip on such crockery is a hygiene compromise and we always need replacements From R500 Kitchen
12 Cake Lifters @R60 We often are donated cakes, and indeed make our own for the enjoyment of the patients and visitors.  Using forks and fingers has got to stop… R 720 Kitchen
12 Large Spoons @R69 Dishing up spoons for larger events and training session catering R 828 Kitchen
20 Fold up Plastic Trestle Tables @R750 Our capacity is limited for bigger functions and events.  Such tables will allow us to avoid hiring costs for many years. R 750 Kitchen
50 Fold up Chairs @R330 Our capacity is limited for bigger functions and events.  Such chairs will allow us to avoid hiring costs for many years. R 330 Kitchen




Motivation Cost +/- Department
Adult Nappies We have a constant need for napkins for some of our patients.  This is a priority to manage their rights to dignity in our care, and in the community.  All sizes or donations towards costs welcome.

We use about 10 packets a week…

R Homecare
Linen Savers (2 boxes of 200 a month) We use these linen savers constantly as well.  Any donation or contribution towards their cost is welcome. R Homecare
Food parcels (110 Orphans & 550 Patients) With nutrition being such a valuable contributor to wellbeing and comfort, we cater for our Patients and Orphans left behind who are not able to afford proper nutrition.  All donations are welcome, especially dry foods which can be budgeted in delivery. R Homecare
Toiletries & Personal Health Items Tooth paste & brushes, Soap, Soap Powder, Toilet paper, Face cloths, Buckets, Towels, Sanitary pads, buckets and plastic dishes. R Homecare
Fabric (100% cotton) We use donated fabric to manufacture our, “Snuggies” which we sell to raise funds.  Any donations of fabric is welcome. R Fundraising
Clothing, blankets etc We usually try to provide for our patients, but if we are able to sell the clothing it will go through our shops to raise funds. R Psychosocial & Shops