Mother’s Day & International Nurses Day Projects

There are a number of ways you can assist us in paying tribute to these amazing people, Please have a look below and make a selection?  Obviously you are welcome to simply donate cash here


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  • Office Collection

    Office Collection

    Get your office together to spend time gathering old items from home to donate to our shops.  Clothing, kitchenware, books, toys and so forth.  Anything we could sell can go into the bags.  We have about 40 bags you are welcome to use for the collection.  Contact us now to plan for this project?
  • Sugar Soap Walls

    Sugar Soap Walls

    How about spending some time taking some marks off our walls in the unit and other buildings?  We have recently re-painted some areas, and some don't need repainting just a good scrubbing with some sugar soap.  Buy a bag of soap on your way in and bring a brush we waiting for your help...
  • Donate Cash

    Donate Cash

    Quick and simple way to donate in a form we can use for the most urgent of needs.  No amount is too small, every cent makes an impact in the lives of our patients!   Secure, immediate and trusted online payments by Payfast.     You can also simply scan the Zapper code to the right to donate if you have the APP    
  • Groceries & Toiletries

    Groceries & Toiletries

    Many patients are on very powerful drugs and these need to be taken with food.  Being unable to afford the food, complications can be caused and so we try to provide food for them.  Any nonperishable food is always welcome, as are toiletries to maintain a level of hygiene.  Set your budget and bring us some relief?
  • Weed the garden

    Weed the garden

    Our well tended gardens are always in need of care.  Weeds just keep coming back and as such need to be in check, most especially when Spring is around the corner.  Please assist us this year?
  • Wash windows

    Wash windows

    Our housekeeping team struggle to include the washing of windows into their busy schedule.  The first priority is always the patients and their rooms, but with all the recent rain the view is compromised.  Please help by cleaning the windows for our team and patients?  
  • Flooring for Housekeeping changroom

    Flooring for Housekeeping changroom

    We will arrange the tiles for you, and even provide some guidance in the fitting of the tiles.  Or we can do the job for you and you can just come and see the final work?  However we do it, there will be big smiles from the team!!!
  • Coffee Bar Cupboard Chaos

    Coffee Bar Cupboard Chaos

    Help us to replace the cupboards in the Coffee Bar.  These cupboards are very old and have become unhygienic as the chipboard is crumbling.  We are blessed with volunteers who come in daily to prepare small light lunches for the visitors and staff.  Usually salads, toasted sarmies and the like.  The cupboards in this area need to be replaced as they have lived a long and hard life.  Help us to project manage this project?  You can join us for a handover or an opening depending on how soon you book this project.  
  • Nurse’s Station Kitchen

    Nurse’s Station Kitchen

    Our famous nurses take their well deserved rest and prepare their meals during shift in this kitchen.  It is still the original kitchen from 1000 years ago and badly needs to be renewed.  We have a supplier who will donate the fittings, we need the material and the workmanship which makes the project very affordable.  This is a great project if you can afford it for our nurses.  What a special thing to bring your staff for a visit and to show them what they have contributed to...