Mother’s Day & International Nurses Day Projects

There are a number of ways you can assist us in paying tribute to these amazing people, Please have a look below and make a selection?  Obviously you are welcome to simply donate cash here


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  • Fabric & Wheat

    Fabric & Wheat

    We have an amazing team of ladies who sew up heat bags which we sell in the community as a means of fundraising. The Stampkoring and fabric are key elements which are a cost of sales for the Snuggies. Every bag donated reduces the cost, and thereby makes more money on sale for the benefit of our patients! We have access to bulk orders should you want to donate a lot...
  • Groceries 4 Good

    Groceries 4 Good

    We are constantly on the hunt for these products for our terminally ill patients.  Any groceries or toiletries with a decent shelf life (non-perishable) can aid with nutrition and hygiene for our patients' care.  You can do the "online shopping" here with a simple click.  We will source and deliver the right stuff to the right people for you!  Obviously deliveries welcome to any of our facilities 😉 
  • Mandela Day R67

    Mandela Day R67

    In celebration of the birthday of our great national father we pass a gift forward to those that need it most. Your donation will be used to provide dignity and comfort to those in the last days of life. It need not be R67, every cent will be used to further our cause as we believe #everydaymatters and we all have a right to a beautiful life and a dignified death!
  • Cans 4 Cancer

    Cans 4 Cancer

    Most of our patients are on very strong medications. These can not be taken on an empty stomach, and so we need to provide both food and medications to deliver comfort, dignity and care. You can deliver this with a simple can of food, what difference can you make?
  • Clothes 4 Care

    Clothes 4 Care

    Challenge your colleagues to clean out their closets, and bring in a bag of clothing they will not be wearing again. We all have hidden gems that can be worn to improve patients' dignity, or sold to provide them with comfort and care. We can even collect bigger loads and thank you all for the support!
  • Diapers 4 Dignity

    Diapers 4 Dignity

    Many of our patients need diapers.  Not only to assist with laundry, but mainly to provide the dignity they deserve.  This is a constant need for our poorest patients.  Please assist us with any donation or delivery of any adult diaper's.  It is you who delivers the dignity.  
  • Movies 4 Morphine

    Movies 4 Morphine

    As we can't get together, why not share a movie by design? Everyone commits to watch the same movie at the same time, popcorn and the works!!! How about Patch Adams, or some classic must-see. Zap for your tickets, and invite everyone to join you as your donations fund morphine for our patients.  
  • Join the Club & Win R20,000

    Join the Club & Win R20,000

    Collect cash from everyone in the office, then ask the boss to match your donation to get to R600, R1,200 or R1,800 and join the 2000 Club for the year until Mandela Day next year!  You will go into a draw to win up to R20,000 every month for the year.  Read more about this here
  • Weed the garden

    Weed the garden

    As you and your team can not join us, please virtually weed our garden by donating towards a casual gardener to care for our garden for a few weeks.