Mandela Day 2022

We know you love it, we get passionate too! The father of our nation, arguably the greatest leader of modern times is celebrated annually. Not his birth, nor his successes but his empathy and his impact. We get to share the beauty of having a generous and people focused heart; in the true spirit of Nelson Mandela.

You all get excited about rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in to some task to benefit those less fortunate. We have created an easy and impactful challenge for you this year. One that will use up only a few minutes, allowing you to spend the rest of your 67 helping another cause?

You can help us in understanding the thoughts and perceptions of a Hospice. It is important to us that we speak the same language as you, that you hear our messages in your best way! As advocates for a life of quality, and a dignified and comfortable death; we would like to know what you know!

This year, it is about YOU, our donor and our supporter. The key cornerstone of our work, as without your generosity and your impact, our work can not be done. So as the initial hero’s of Highway Hospice, we would like to pay tribute to you, your life’s needs, and your legacy when the time comes for our care.

Please fill in the quick survey here

Or download it here for completion and return.

Please also spread this far and wide!!! We have a donor who will contribute up to R10 for every form we receive. So get the office involved, your family and friends and make Madiba proud!!