Help Gisele & WIN

Building up for WORLD HOSPICE DAY, we hilight patients such as Gisele who are supported with love and care in their journey with cancer.  The team is reliant on donors, as the service is without cost. We are from KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.

 It is a human right to receive this care, to have dignity and comfort throughout the painful and emotional time of life.  It is the donors who understand this and ensure it happens however they can.

Brad is one such donor, and he has supported with a small donation monthly for years. Although, he is a winner every day as his support makes such a difference to the Hospice, Gisele, the many other patients, and of cause to him. He is also a member of the 2000 Club, and he has won the jackpot of R20,000 twice in the many years. By supporting this campaign, you will be included in the draw as well, that is how much it means to us!

 This project funds will be put towards the supply of Morphine for patients like Gisele. She is in so much pain; without this supply, she would never have conducted this interview. 

 She is not alone, and you can help many patients with your support today. You can provide dignity, care and comfort with a simple few clicks.

Everyone wins, but it all starts with your support!

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