Fish River 2018

Hello guys!

I have loaded this gallery here in the short term as my usual website is down for maintenance.  It will remain here, hidden to only you with this link and when I move it in time I will let you know?

Before you launch into looking at all the shots…  A big thank you for the great time down in Cradock.  There were some of you I would have like to have spent more time with, and our time will come I am sure.   You are all special people and I loved the adventure of getting to know you and having a ball while at it 😉 

I certainly learned a lot, and will be a more effective off river support in times to come.  Next time I hope to get wet as well, as I was so jealous of all of you that did.  Feedback on my arm is that I did manage to effect more damage over the trip and have an appointment to see a vascular surgeon today (11th October) to plan my op as I can’t even sleep anymore with the pain.

I obviously have the original images of the photo’s, so if you would like me to email or print for you just let me know on and I will arrange.  Each image has a number attached.  For normal digital use these are of a decent enough size for most.

Have fun out there & enjoy